Microchipping is now offered with AVID microchips.  Your dog or cat will be permanently identified with a small chip embedded into the shoulder area.  Unlike a collar, it can never be lost, and the company keeps a record of all microchips recorded.  If your pet gets lost, veterinary clinics & animal shelters will scan all "lost pets" as well as look for a collar or other identifying marks..  Your animal will be renuited with you much faster.  During Hurricane Katrina many pets were lost, thin, dirty, and not tagged.  The microchip was the only way to identify these pets.  Please discuss microchipping with Dr Laura today.
www.avidID.com  or 800-336-2843
Other links:
ASPCA Poison Control Center: 888-426-4435
  Charges $45 per call to a major credit card
DFW North Emergency Veterinary Clinic: 469-464-2964,   www.nevc.com
  In the Sprouts shopping center,  just east of FM1171 and FM2499
American Kennel Club: www.akc.org
American Veterinary Medical Association  www.avma.org/care4pets